#30things – Disneyland Paris 2019 Countdown

In preparation of our very first trip of 2019 and hopefully a first of many with our dear friends Charlotte and Carl from Walk in the Parks @witp_blog on Twitter. We have decided to rehash an old favourite of ours. As part of the lead up to our trip to Walt Disney World we did our #50things blog series which really was an amazing way to countdown to our trip of a lifetime and to keep the magic alive on a daily basis. So in the lead up to our trip to Disneyland Paris this March and in a cheeky way in honour of my 30th we thought we would do our #30things series. So sit back relax and enjoy the next 30 days with us.

Day 30 Just being in the parks again

My last trip to Disneyland Paris was in December 2010 and Chris has not been since December 2009 so to be going back after so long and with just recently being in Walt Dusney World to say we are excited is a complete understatement. With a decade between visits we both cannot wait to see what has changed and probably what has not changed lol and to simply beat those post Disney blues. We have had a rough start to the year so just being in our happy place and being in what is considered the most stunning Disney park is going to be amazing and a much needed break and the company on this trip is going to be immense. There are specific aspects to the parks like rides, food, drinks and entertainment that make this trip so special but we will elaborate on our favourites in more details throughout this blog series so stay tuned for those. So for now Day 1 of #30things we are simply just happy and excited to be going.

Day 29 Buying my Purple Potion Ears

The Rose Gold craze is finally over lol but to be fair I did purchase my Rose Gold ears, spirit jersey and key chain while at Walt DisneybWorld last year and I love them all but if anyone knows me I LOVE purple and I cannot wait to get my hands on these beauties. To be honest I wasn’t even sure if they were available at Disneyland Paris so when I saw that they were I was delighted and they will be a 30th birthday gift to myself. Here is hoping the Purple Potion Spirit Jerseys will be available for our trip. I know thesre are just a fad but I have made it a pojnt to buy ears on every Disney trip and I can’t wait to add these little beauties to my collection. Lol there is a wee Soarin’ pun for you lol!

Day 28 Riding Hyperspace Mountain

Reimagined and opened since 2017 this Star Wars inspired version of Space Mountain looks like an absolute blast and we honestly did not think we would get to ride this version so we happily surprised when we read they had extended this version of the ride. We are both excited to see this new twist on a fan favourite at the park and us both being big Star Wars fans what is not to love. However, I have a feeling a certain Walk in the Park blogger might not be so excited lol

Day 27 Exploring the hotels at Disneyland Paris

Not that we have set much time aside to do this but having a nose around the hotels is a must. I have stayed at the Santa Fe, The Cheyenne and The Newport Bay Club on past visits. I am really keen to have a look at Sequoia Lodge and of course the stunning Disneyland Hotel as pictured above. One of the best days for me (largely due to the fact that Chris proposed that day) was our Monorail Resort day at WDW so seeing new hotels and to see what is on offer at these hotels is for me fun and interesting. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a nose and to potentially find a hotel we both might want to stay in sometime.

Day 26 Having a Blue Glow Tini

So one of my all time favourite downtime drinks at Disneylsnd Paris is the Blue Glow in Bar Sport in the Disney Village. This drink is just all sorts of fun and tastes so so good. I loved the vibe and atmosphere in this bar and the drinks and food from memory are very reasonably priced. I cannot wait to sit back and relax and have a few of these chat and just have a laugh with Chris, Carl and Charl the three big C’s.

Day 25 Using paper FastPasses

I am quite looking forward to getting back to basics on this trip. After all the planning to visit Walt Disney World last year this trip to Disneyland Paris almost seems like we aren’t ready for it. One of the main things I am excited about is going back to the simple days of paper FastPasses. The first come first serve on the day system has its benefits, as does FastPass Plus in Florida just with a lot more planning. I just need to look out those running shoes for rope drop! And I wonder if these machines have the secret button to issue extra FastPasses like the old machines in Orlando had (those were the days!)

Day 24 Being in Disneyland Paris with Chris for the first time

So today is all about Chris, even before we were officially a couple we both knew of each other’s love for Disney. It took us awhile to actually get to a Disney park together but what an adventure our trip to Orlando was last year. So to be going to DLP together for the first time and the Disney park that I am the pro for is so exciting. I cannot wait to be Chris’ tour guide around the parks like he was for me at WDW. Just seeing his face light up when we see the castle really is going to make me smile. Our love of all things Disney is honestly the cement of our relationship so getting this Disney fix be it only for 2 days is something I cannot wait for and going there with Chris makes it all the more special for me.

Day 23 Pin Trading

On our recent trip to WDW Chris and I purchased pins and a lanyard at the Disney outlets in Vineland so we could pin trade around the parks, resorts and at Disney Springs. This was a first for us both and to be honest I found it fun but I don’t think we were doing it completely right. I do plan on buying some more pins in Paris and hope to expand my collection. My aim would be to collect all the Epcot pins as I found this particularly cute and for us our two favourite pins have to be my Irish flag Mickey shaped pin and Chris’s Scottish Mickey shaped pin. We were honestly so surprised that we were able to get the Scottish pin. I can’t wait to get stuck into pin trading in Paris and having some Cast Member interactions and to hopefully brush up on my French oh la la

Day 22 The weather won’t be as hot as the surface of the sun… lol

The average temperature in Paris for March coming in with lows of 5 degrees and highs of 12 degrees the temperature will be far more comfortable for our Irish and Scottish bodies to handle lol No way are we going to be sweaty messes walking around the parks with wild frizzy hair and bright red faces for this visit. Soo our PhotoPass pictures might actually come out nice this time around lol I have to admit though I (Sarah) am built for a warmer climit but poor ole Chris’ fair Scottish skin cannot handle the sun. I love wrapping up in cosy jumpers, hats, saves and jackets just hoping the rain holds off for our visit so we can enjoy the parks to their full potential.

Day 21 Riding Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril

This is one of my favourite rides and Chris mocks me so much for loving thism ride. For me this was the first big roller coaster I was ever on and the first loop on roller coaster. So it holds a special place in my heart regardless of how much I get mocked. I love the Indiana Jones franchise so I always knew I would love this and the theming is great, I will admit now that i have been on more roller coasters and more extreme roller coasters I do appreciate it’s not the best ride and it is a short roller coaster but I just love it. I once had to get evacuated off of this on the lift hill during one of the worst rain storms I have ever experienced. This was kinda scary being put into a harness and brought down but am experience I will never forget.

Day 20 Chris seeing Toy Story Playland for the first time

Seeing Toy Story Land at WDW was so exciting for us and a huge highlight as we both grew up with the Toy Story films. So I am intrigued to see Chris’ reaction to WDW’s older French counterpart. I have seen this land a few times and I must admit for me it leaves alot to be desired but the theming is great. The RC Coaster is alot of fun but outside of that I find everything else a big meh so I am interested to see Chris’ reaction and hear his thoughts on this little addition to the Studios at DLP.

Day 19 Less crowds

Undoubtedly DLP is not as busy as WDW for its crowds and this is an aspect I am excited for so we can get those much sought after photo oppertunities. One thing I despised whilst at WDW were the crowds and the crowds in Magic Kingdom more than anything. Buggys and ECV’s clipping your heels every 5 minutes and just general dawdlers that is a personal pet peeve of mine so being here with all its open space and lower crowds will be a breath of fresh air and to be honest as someone who does not deal well in big crowds this will really help as I won’t feel on edge as much like I did in the Magic Kingdom.

Day 18 Exploring Disney Village

I have always loved the Disney Village there is so much to do here and it always has a great buzz to it. With shopping, various restaurants, an arcade, cinema and live entertainment there is something to suit everyone’s wants and needs. For me I just love walking around and soaking up the atmosphere I love going to the Sports Bar for a quick snack and a drink. The restaurants aren’t anything like what you would get at Disney Springs in WDW however the restaurants are fun and with the likes of Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood you know what you are getting. Buffalo Bill’s was always a dinner show I wanted to see but unfortunately it was never within our budget however, this time around on for my 30th we are going with our friends Carl and Charlotte from Walk in the Park and I cannot wait!

Day 17 Less planning meaning the trip can be more spontaneous

Our trip to WDW was literally planned within a inch of itself. With Fastpasses, dining and dessert parties we knew months in advance where we would be, what we would be eating and what time we would be eating that meal or even just experiencing a certain ride. So going to DLP is like a breath of fresh air we literally have booked Buffalo Bill’s for the night of my 30th and that is it. Don’t get me wrong I love planning stuff, making lists, spreadsheet and being organised but with over a year planning for WDW this trip to DLP just seems so quaint and spontaneous and anything could honestly happen. I love running to a ride to collect a paper Fastpass, not knowing where we will have lunch in the parks but not having to worry about the lack of a reservation as we will get seated anywhere anyway. It just seems more freeing and it’s so differnt to planning a WDW trip.

Day 16 Getting Candy Floss in the parks

One thing that upset me about WDW was that I couldn’t get candy floss on a stick. A little annoyance I know but come on I wanted my Insta worthy photo in front of the castle lol So I am excited to get candy floss in DLP but it has been 10 years since I was there so knowing my luck I won’t be able to get it handmade and on a stick but in bag but watch this space I will be reporting back on the candy floss saga.

Day 15 Buying sweets on Main Street USA

Continuing on from yesterdays post lets keep the sugar high going with a trip to The Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA in DLP this is traditionally my first port of call on any DLP trip. It is just a delight to be in there it’s just so vibrant and the smells are honestly intoxicating without even sampling any of there numerous sweet treats you will leave on a sugar high. I generally go there first and stock up on delightful goodies to last me the entire trip. My favourite are the marshmallow strawberries but the green iced cream. They are such a sugary delight and I hope they are still available in the store as I will purchase a whole bag of those and no doubt my sister Amy @FcraftsA will want a care package of these too lol. I honestly cannot wait to be in an induced sugar coma from my purchases here yum.

Day 14 Seeing Walt Disney Studios before the refurbishment

The Studios at DLP are regarded as the worst park in any Disney park so to hear that it is finally getting the much needed love and care that is deserves is amazing. With the addition of a Frozen Land, Marvel Land and a mini Star Wars land this is really going to pump attendance at DLP which is so exciting. I for one have a soft spot for the Studios but I can see why people dislike it and why it’s classed as a half day park. This is a much needed injection of life to this holiday destination and I cannot wait to see the outcome once it has been completed.

Day 13 Seeing a live band at Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon at Disney Village

One of my favourites memories of being in the Disney Village was going to Billy Bob’s for beers, bants and live music. The atmosphere in here is electric and you are always in for a great night. With live music every night there is bound to be a genre to suit all in your group with Pop-rock, Blues, Salsa and of course County Music you can hit the dance floor and dance the night away while you sip on tasty cocktails and savour local and foreign beers. Serving a Tex Mex style buffet this is a reasonably priced buffet at £34.99 for an adult which includes a soft drink or mineral water and £17.99 for the little ones which includes a drink too. I cannot wait to hit this venue with Chris, Carl and Charl and party Disney style.

Day 12 Staying off property

For the first time ever in my Disney vacation career I am staying off property. I have been lucky enough to stay at The Santa Fe twice, The Cheyenne twice and The Newport Bay once in DLP and the stunning Port Orleans French Quarter in WDW. However, with an amazing deal through Wowcher we find ourselves staying off property in Vienna House Dream Castle Paris. This hotel benefits from a free shuttle to and from the parks and is just a 5 minute journey away. I am excited to stay here it gets rave reviews, it’s breakfast is meant to be if a high standard and quality and the hotel benefits from a Spa, pool and stunning grounds. If this trip goes off without a hitch (which we intend it too) then this may be the first of many trips to Vienna House Dream Castle Paris.

Day 11 Going to another Disney park with Charlotte and Carl from Walk in the Parks

We had the absolute honour and pleasure of meeting up with Charlotte and Carl in Epcot last year and as you always would be we were nervous in meeting people from the internet for the first time but within minutes we clicked and in less than 30 minutes we were doubled over in bits from laughter while at Oh Canada in the Canada Pavilion in Epcot a memory I just love. We clicked and had one of the best days of our trip with these two and we got to celebrate our engagement with them. We had so much fun we met yp with them later on during our trip at the Polynesian for drinks and then at the grand Floridian for more drinks… there is definitely a theme when we hang out with these two lol. So to be going to get another Disney park with them in another country is just the best and we are all hoping this becomes a thing lol We cannot wait to reunite with our Disney Twitter chums for a weekend of Disney magic and laughter and if this trend continues… Japan you are next lol

Day 10 Tower of Terror

I know. I know the above is Tower of Terror in WDW and this blog is about DLP but I just love this picture and any photo I have of Tower of Terror in Paris is grainy and grey so I had to use this goofy, happy, sunny PhotoPass photo. Anyhow who doesn’t love Tower of Terror? It is without a doubt both one of our favourite rides so getting to go on this is just a sheer delight and I cannot wait for the thrill of falling 13 floors lol The themeing in this ride is on roof my favourites and the Cast members have the best uniforms here. I have always had amazing Cast interaction on this ride more than any other at DLP.

Day 9 Going on Crushes Coaster

This is by far one of the best attractions in the studios at DLP and we cannot wait to go on this wild ride. It just always takes my breath away when I go on this it’s just so so so so much fun. One aspect however that is not fun is the queue. This ride would really benefit the FastPass system but I think we will use the Single Rider line to be able to get on this awesome attraction a few times.

Day 8 Princess and Pirates event at Disneyland Paris

Running from the 19th of January to the 17th of March we will be able to enjoy this event in its final week. There has been some controversy over this event with Princess’ being aimed at girls and Pirates aimed at boys but in all honesty I couldn’t care less about all that I just think it will be alot of fun to be involved in this event. With tons of character meet and greats from both sides this event could potentially be a gold mine to get those coveted character photos. With face painting, dances and other various activities I am really looking forward to this event. I wonder what side my fellow comrades will pick lol Arrrrrreeee cause I will 100% be a pirate!

Day 7 Turning 30 in Disneyland Paris

While at Disneyland Paris I will be turning 30. I have spent a birthday at the parks before and it was so much fun. I am very excited to head to the parks for my birthday and just enjoy the magic that is Disney on my BIG 30th and of course get my birthday badge. Another part of my birthday that I am super excited about is that fact that we are all going to Buffalo Bill’s, I have always wanted to go to this show but it was always a little bit out of our budget but i am delighted we get to experience it on this trip.

Day 6 Seeing Mickey the Magician at the Studios

Set in The Animaque Theatre I am so excited to see this renowned show. Often dubbed as the best attraction at the studio this show has it all singing, dancing and pyro. With extracts from The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and these are just naming a few of the great extracts included in this show. As a past student of Theatre Productions and Design I love a good ole show in the parks so I am super excited for this.

Day 5 Going on Pirates of the Caribbean

This in my opinion is one of the few rides I feel is better at DLP than in WDW. Undoubtedly one of my Top 5 must do rides in the parks this ride is just so much fun. I love the smell, the atmosphere and the music the overall experience is just a swash buckling experiences mateys.One aspect I love is that the restaurant over looks the ride and this was always a must do dining reservation for us on our trips in the past. I haven’t been to DLP is 10 years so I am looking forward to seeing the changes and DLP still has the original Red Head scene looks like us Europeans aren’t offended as those over in the states lol

Day 4 Illuminations

Who doesn’t love a night time spectacular? This night time show gets mixed reviews but having a night time show is better than not having a night time show and any fireworks are good fireworks so I for one am very excited to see this show. We haven’t really watched many videos of this show as we do want to keep it a surprise but in my opinion the soundtrack is awesome and the projection mapping along with the fountains and fireworks are meant to be great so I am going into this open minded and just cannot wait to be in the hub cuddling Chris watching this show.

Day 3 Ratatouille

The last time we were both in DLP Ratatouille was not even open so we have never been on the ride or even seen this wee land. It looks stunning and Ratatouille is one of my favourite Pixar movies so I am very excited to experience this track less dark ride. I have never been on a ride that uses this kind of technology so I cannot wait to get on this little beauty. This addition to The Studio is honestly a breath of fresh air to this much needed park. I hope we can eat in the restaurant while we are there as the reviews we have read and watched have been great.

Day 2 Seeing the Maleficent float in the parade

We are hoping for dry weather so we can this float in all it’s beauty during the parade. I love a good ole parade and we were obviously gutted when the float caught fire just before our trip to WDW last year so we never got to see the fire breathing dragon spectacular so we hoping that Paris will deliver. The parade looks amazing to so even without we are sure to enjoy it but this is the float we want to see the most!!

Day 1 Seeing the Castle

So in the excitment of travel day I never uploaded the last installment of the blog series and now I am happy I didnt as Chris managed to get some amazingly stunning shots of the castle in an empty park. The castle will always evoke those emotions within me and I just love it particularly at night. This is one of his many, many, many shots and I simply adore it. This castle has so much to offer from a menacing dragon in the dark depths of its dungeon to the retelling of the beautiful story behind the castle; Sleeping Beauty through the media of stain glass windows, statues and tapestries. With various shops to walk about this castle is within itself an attraction and one I just simply love.

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